FireFlier - A Project For Interactive Firewall Administration


Welcome to the homepage of FireFlier.

This project is no longer actively developped. If you have any questions you can still send emails, they will be reacted on as long as possible.

Please note, that this homepage is just a small project homepage, which wants to shortly describe what this whole FireFlier project is about. It is not complete, and maybe it is already outdated, by the time you are reading this.

So what is this FireFlier project about?
It all started in February 2002, when I was sitting on my computer and doing the firewall settings for a small server. I realized, that allthough I know about firewall rules, I did not secure the desktop machine, with which I was working all the time.
The reason for this was very simple: It was just to annoying, to modify the rules all the time when I wanted to try something new (Shoutcasting, Samba, ...).
At that time I started searching for a tool to easily manage my firewall rules, but at that time my search was not successful. So I decided to write my own tool, which I wanted to be able to manage a firewall in a very convenient way. As I did some research, I soon realized, that the iptables offered a very convenient possibility, to pass packets down to userspace.
And so I started to write FireFlier, which should provide a personal firewall - easy to manage and with a nice interface.
Anyways: as the installation is not very easy, this project is aimed at system administrators, who do know a little about kernel compilation, and firewalls in general.
Nevertheless I will answer installation questions. Simply send an E-Mail.
Downloading of the fireflier can be done via the sourceforge project page at

If you want to know more about FireFlier, simply look into the features section, or look at my screenshots.
The current development information is now stored in a publically available wiki:
And by the way: FireFlier is released under the GPL license.

This project is hosted by sourceforge:
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