FireFlier - A Project For Interactive Firewall Administration


Features of FireFlier:

  • Client - Server:
    FireFlier is designed as a Client/Server model, which enables you to run the firewall part on one computer and the interface, for configuring the firewall on another computer
  • Java/QT/Gtk Client:
    1. There are three existing clients, which are compatible with the FireFlier server.
    2. The Java client, which enables you to configure your firewall from any operating system. (Windows, Mac OS X, ...).
    3. The QT client, which works on Linux machines and looks quite nice :)
      (btw: the QT Client depends on QT 3.x)
    4. And the Gtk client, which looks quite nice, too ;)
  • Interaction:
    As every packet which is not so far matched by any rule appears automatically in the interface, you have got the possiblity to accept or deny single packets, or create rules based on these packets.
  • Filtering by application:
    FireFlier is also capable of filtering by application. So you are for example able to simply allow your ICQ Client to do anything it wants.
  • Timing-out rules:
    Consider the situation, that you want to allow a friend to access your computer for downloading some stuff. Granting him access to do that would usually mean, that you would have to block him a few hours later again, to "secure" your firewall. This is a task, which can be done by FireFlier itself. You just tell it, when you accept the packets, that the rule is only valid for 6 hours. After these six hours, the rule times out and you get a request again, if there is again a connection from his computer.