FireFlier - A Project For Interactive Firewall Administration


Development News:

  • 2007-2-13: FireFlier officially abandoned:
    Due to time reasons of the developpers this project is now officially abandoned. It has been inactive for quite some time, now it is time to terminate it.
  • 2005-11-6: Release of fireflier BETA 1.99.beta1:
    This is a beta version, so only use it, if you want to help testing the upcoming release. For stable, working systems use fireflier 1.1.6. If you use this version, please report any bugs found.
  • 2005-9-18: Release of fireflier 1.1.6:
    This release fixes a small bug regarding connection tracking.
  • 2003-11-8: Release of fireflier 1.1.3:
    updated fireflier to compile on suse. Only server and qtclient have been tested. The port names are now displayed in qt and gnomeclient. Server is now able to daemonize.
  • 2003-09-25: Release of fireflier 1.1.2:
    Some minor security problems have been fixed.
  • 2003-06-17: Release of fireflier 1.1.1:
    This release fixes a compile error with gcc-3.3.
  • 2003-02-19: Release of fireflier 1.1:
    With this release the gtk client is introduced. Developed by Klaus Triendl.
    Download it here (sourceforge download page)

    Further, the user interface was redesigned and improved.
  • 2002-11-14: Release of new homepage:
    As the old homepage was really ugly, I now decided to create something useable. Although this one is not perfect either, it should suffice.
  • 2002-11-10: Release of new version 1.0:
    This release just fixes a few compile issues.
  • 2002-07-24: Release of fireflier 0.9.3:
    the SSL library has been replaced by one with a better license. Maybe it will be replaced again by PureTLS.
    Since this version there is an java-applet-client available.
    At the moment I do not know of any further bugs. (2002-09-28)
    So please report any feature suggestions, bugs or just comments via E-Mail.
  • 2002-07-19: version 0.9.2
    java-client compiles now with java1.4
  • 2002-06-03: version 0.9.1
    fixed domain name resolver
  • 2002-06-01: version 0.9
    qtclient finished bugfixes
  • 2002-05-07: version 0.8 first official release
  • 2002-02-xx: the project started back in these days I started to write this project